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The secret of athletes in dried fruit

Untold Stories of Dried Fruit

Drying the fruit is actually a way to preserve the main taste of the fruit, during which the fruit loses a large part of its water but is still highly valued in terms of nutritional value and nutrition. Buying quality dried fruit has made it possible to promote the culture of using dried fruit. The European Union is the world’s largest buyer of dried fruit. By selling quality dried fruits, Benia brand allows you to experience a healthy snack and also make it available to your beloved children.

Suitable option for children’s daily snacks:

Dried fruits are not always sold in bulk and you can prepare this great snack in small packages with various and beautiful designs and colors. Combining them with chocolate or milk and cereals as breakfast for your beloved children can be one of the daily healthy snacks and create a feeling of long-term satiety in them. This means health and weight loss.

Dried fruits include mango, orange, kiwi, banana, strawberry, apple, etc.



Dried mango:

Dried mango is more popular among dried fruits due to its pleasant aroma and beneficial properties. This fruit is very tonic and strengthens the body’s defense system, and its dried fruit has a high volume of antioxidants, fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium. Other properties of dried mango include the following:

  • Sexual enhancer
  • Digestive system disinfectant due to the presence of gallic acid
  • Blood purification
  • Eliminates cough, shortness of breath and headache

Dried oranges:

The properties of dried oranges are so great that it dries or becomes the best fruit. This product contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is very effective in treating colds, strengthening the immune system and the growth of body tissues. Other properties include:

  • Sexual enhancer
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Stomach booster


Dried kiwi:

Dried kiwi is more popular among children and adolescents than other fruits due to its sour taste. This is why it is used in mixed dried fruits. The properties of dried kiwi include weight loss, skin health, eye health, anti-cancer, asthma treatment and shortness of breath.

Benia Company has given a special charm to its product basket by offering the best quality of this type of dried fruit in the bulk order of mixed dried fruits.


Dried apples:

Dried apples are naturally sweet and can be a tasty snack and a good alternative to fresh apples. This dried fruit is high in soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes you feel full, eliminates intestinal toxins and controls blood sugar. It is a good promise for weight control and cancer control.

In order to distribute dried fruits in a completely organic way, Benia has prepared dried apples and placed them in its product basket for health-seeking customers. Also, due to the wholesale sale of dried fruits and the customer’s order, it is able to offer it in neat and hygienic packages.



Dried bananas:

One of the most delicious and popular dried fruits is banana chips, which when dried, becomes a nutritious food and is a real extract of mineral salts. Dear parents, without worrying about the blackening of bananas, you can make a delicious banana chips from it and put it in your children’s bag as a healthy food.


Properties of dried bananas:

Dried bananas are high in fiber and low in fat and are easily digestible, and including them in your diet will not harm you. So if you are careful about your weight, you do not need to eliminate it from your meal. The potassium in bananas helps regulate heart rate and the effects of sodium on blood pressure. Its richness in potassium is a great opportunity for athletes. Also, to relax your muscles on a tiring day, it is not bad to have a small package of dried bananas next to you to restore your lost energy.


Dried strawberries:

This dried fruit can be used in desserts, sweets, cakes and brewed tea. Adding it to a smoothie is also great. Dried strawberries are a rich source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. They have a great impact on the development of children and adolescents, the strength of teeth and bones, and that is due to the presence of calcium and phosphorus. Daily consumption of 8 dried strawberries increases the amount of folate in the blood and reduces high blood pressure.



Dried mixed fruits:

It is a combination of the most delicious and popular dried fruits that are placed in your taste tray as a healthy food, even for entertaining your loved ones. By ordering dried fruit, you have a tasty mixture with all the vitamins. Benia has provided you with several quality and popular dried fruits of the seasons in the form of a fruit nut in beautiful packages.



Additives are usually used in the bulk production of dried fruits and its industrial production, which may not be a problem from the point of view of health authorities, but people with certain diseases are advised to consider buying bulk dried and quality organic fruits.

Due to the taste of dear consumers, Benia Company has included the wholesale sale of organic dried fruits in its production program in order to provide the satisfaction of esteemed customers. Invite your guests to a health clinic tray by buying quality dried fruits and ordering them from Benia.

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